Northam Advocate Editorial November 2013

Northam - Avon Valley

Why we love Northam

Who cares?

When the people at Stallion Homes say they care for the community, it is not some “soft sell” sales message it is actually a part of their day-day business philosophy. As you will notice when you visit their website, it is integrated into their values and environmental policy. They have been designing and building homes for families right across the Central Wheatbelt for many years and adhering to the same trusted policies.
Unlike companies that open a regional office and offer all sorts of enticing deals, Stallion has built its reputation on quality, integrity and personalised service to meet the needs of rural families and their individual lifestyle requirements for years.

According to the people at Stallion Homes it is the relaxed lifestyle and close knit community that attracts people to Northam.

Whether people have just moved to the district or have been here for generations, it always seems to be the sense of community that attracts them or keeps them here, which is why we enjoy doing business here so much. The whole Avon Valley district has an exciting future and the people we talk to have a strong belief that it is the place to live and raise a family. The other important reason of course is that real estate is very affordable compared with the metro area, there is no frustrating traffic congestion and Northam has the full range of services that people need.

If you are considering building a new home and have no idea where to start, discussing things with a company that is centrally located and committed to the district should be your first consideration because you can rely on them being here for the long-term not here today and gone tomorrow.

Stallion Homes has a wide range of base plans for you to use as a template which you can then vary to suit your particular ideas and requirements. Their many years of design and construction experience means they have the base plans to suit virtually every configuration and of course the proven skills to build it. Or, if you’ve simply torn an image out of a magazine, like we all do sometime or other, they will sit down with you and get that particular style of home onto paper for you.

When it gets down to developing your budget it’s worth remembering that they design and build all home and unit types large and small. This includes investment properties, multi storey homes and unit clusters to suit your block dimensions.

Today, many people seek out a country location for the future then build and lease it out for a few years while they are still working to help pay off the mortgage until they are ready to move in or assist their children or grandchildren to do so. The Avon Valley is an ideal location to get the value, long term growth and the retail services that support individual or family real estate investment strategies.

With real estate prices as affordable as they are today this might by a very sound strategy that suits you sooner rather than later and the people at Stallion Homes can put you in touch with experienced people in the district to help you find out if your budget and ideas can be made a reality much sooner than you thought you could.

When you are considering building a new home in the Avon Valley or anywhere across the Central Weatbelt, why not consider the company that really is a part of your community and that you can really trust to design and build your dream home or investment property on time, on budget and to your complete satisfaction.

Northam Advocate Editorial dated 13th November 2013

Why not come and watch us build?

If you are considering building a new home, we’d like to extend a personal invitation to visit a Stallion Home whilst under construction…