A custom built home is generally built by smaller boutique builders who specialise in unique builds, with each home specifically designed to suit the client's needs. Generally, they provide a much higher standard of construction, quality and finish. Stallion Homes has been Western Australia’s premiere custom home builder in the Wheatbelt for over 42 years.

Project home builders usually operate by offering a limited fixed range of standard designs. Typically they do not allow you to make changes to plans to suit your personal tastes or site conditions, and will only provide a standard range of fixtures and finishes.
Not necessarily. The cost of a home is driven by the overall size and complexity, the selections for fittings and finishes, and any special characteristics of the site.
It really depends on the size, design and complexity of your home, but building is usually the quick part.

The planning stages of your build are the parts that take the longest time. We need to design the perfect floor plan, elevations and style. Next we need to draw, engineer and complete the necessary reports and approvals for your home. Finally we will assist you in choosing each element of the finishes going into your new home, such as kitchen design, colours, flooring, tap ware, door handles, and so on.

Only once all the details are settled and we have your building licence do we start actual construction. Typically, we will then complete the construction stage for an average sized home in about six months.
Probably less than you may have been led to believe. Many project builders intentionally underquote the building costs and exclude site works in order to win the job, inflating the cost of site works afterwards to recoup their money. Stallion Homes will give you an honest and accurate fixed price for your entire project, including your site works.
At Stallion Homes, our intention is to always be as transparent and open with you as possible. This means that when we quote your home, we will include everything you will need to complete your home. As an example, this would include site works, sand pad, preliminaries (council fees, HIA fees, drafting, engineering, BAL assessment, energy assessment, etc), septic tanks or sewer connection, power and water connection, paving and driveways, crossover, retaining walls, painting, floor coverings, and so on.
An Allowance is a reasonable estimate of the cost of an item or material that is not yet selected. For example, this could be the cost of tiling or floor coverings. During the initial quoting stage and before the fixed price contract, allowances will be made for certain items. This helps us to give you an accurate estimate of the genuine building costs, rather than ignoring costs that you will need to consider. As these items are selected, these estimates will be confirmed accurately and will become part of the final fixed price.
Stallion Homes has relationships with some of Perth’s best designers and architects, as well as our own in-house designers. We are equally happy to work with an architect or designer of your choice.
Only if there are no copyright or intellectual property rights attached to the drawings. Typically, drawings by another builder are the intellectual property of that builder, and under those circumstances Stallion Homes would not build that design.

We would, however, like to understand the elements you liked about that design and work toward creating your own own unique plan that incorporates the features you like.
Absolutely. As a custom home builder, we will work with you to achieve whatever you wish.
Yes. Every home we have built over the last 42 years is unique. We have never made the same home twice. Whether it be design, construction method, materials or finishes, everything we do is distinctive and customised to your request.
This really depends on how closely the site and design conform to regular council planning requirements. If the construction does not require planning approval because it conforms to the Council’s regulations, then typically a building licence can be obtained within about two weeks.

Planning approval may be required for a number of reasons, such as if your home encroaches on a neighbour’s privacy, or is too close to the boundary fence or road, or if there are heritage considerations. If you are unsure, please call our knowledgeable staff who will be able to advise you.
Stallion Homes will build your dream home anywhere within 250km of Northam, Western Australia. If you are considering building outside of this area, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.