Jerry Davies

Managing Director

Jerry was raised on the family farm in Kalannie W.A. In 2001, he joined his father Steve at Stallion and worked tirelessly to build the business. Jerry completed his Cert IV in Construction in 2007 and led the construction team to 2015. On Steve’s retirement in 2018, Jerry stepped up to run the company and is the drive behind Stallion’s growth, leading from the front and expanding the company’s footprint whilst guaranteeing the quality and prestige Stallion Homes has become synonymous with.

Kately Butler

Administration & Accounts Manager – Admin

Kately joined Stallion Homes in 2011 as a trainee receptionist. Her personality and diligence has ensured the smooth operation of the office & reception of which she is now responsible. Kately is our gatekeeper who warmly welcomes clients for selection and contract meetings at the head office whilst conscientiously guarding the office team from hawkers and pushy sales people with her cool manner. Kately also ensures our accounts are kept up-to-date & accurate. Kately’s knowledge and service is greatly valued.

Maddison Davies

HR & Accounts Assistant/Marketing – Admin

Maddison joined Stallion Homes in 2019, adding to the family presence in the business. Maddison works to constantly improve people relations & management, keep on top of accounts with accurate payments, and use her creativity to boost our marketing and social media presence. Maddison also helps out in handling client payments, ensuring clients payment security.

Beverley Gannon

Pre-start Coordinator/Contract Administrator – Admin

Bev joined us in 2020, bringing with her a wealth of extensive experience in the building industry. Bev is the an asset to our company culture – her friendly and easy personality ensures she is able to form meaningful and invaluable relationships with our clients, whom she assists through the whole design & build project, along with the Sales team. She also has a flare for interior design, and will ensure no client is left floundering in the endless pool of ideas out there. Bev will be your go-to for the Pre-start Selections – one of the most fun stages of the journey.

Heather Davis

Reception & Accounts Assistant – Admin

Heather joined us amid a bombardment of incoming work. Quickly adapting to her role, Heather is a polite friendly person, perfect for the front desk. She is someone who will make all visitors and clients feel welcome with ease. Heather also helps out with the accounts in the office and will ensure all our valued trades and suppliers are looked after in the payments department.

Andrew Sharpe

Sales Manager – Sales

With a diverse history in property development, high voltage electrical distribution, structural steel design, international procurement and systems management, Andrew brings a wide range of talents to Stallion Homes. His passion for custom designed homes means that Stallion Homes will give your dream project the love and attention it deserves. Andrew heads up several commercial projects per year, helping to create better towns around Western Australia.

Colin Caruso

Sales & Design Consultant – Sales

With an extensive background in architectural design & drafting, Colin joined our growing team early in 2020, quickly proving he was going to become a much needed and valued member of our Sales team. Colin’s attention to detail & meticulous approach to his work ensures our clients receive top-notch designs & plans. Colin’s knowledge of both residential and architectural building means he is always bringing new ideas to life and making sure each home is truly special and tailored to its owner.

Fletcher Davies

Procurement Officer – Construction

Fletcher joined Stallion in 2018, taking over the role of Procurement from a retiring colleague. Fletcher’s passion for growth for the family business and his ability to be a fast learner meant that moving into a growing market, he has been able to keep our material supply on track for the on-site construction team. His work ethic and systematic approach mean that the construction crews are never delayed – hence our mantra “The Quickest and Most Flexible WA Country Builders“.

Ethan Jung

Architectural Designer – Drafting

Ethan stepped aboard Stallion fresh from TAFE certification in Architectural Design & Drafting. He is our in-house draftsman working closely with Ian & Steve to produce CAD working drawings. He specialises in rendered elevations and virtual walk throughs to help clients experience their dreams before they become set in stone. Ethan’s speed with that mouse will have clients in their new homes even sooner….

Sam Caminiti

Architectural Designer – Drafting

Sam has been part of Stallion’s success story for nearly 10 years. Working remotely, Sam produces CAD working drawings, elevations and engineering specs from client scribbled sketches and our sales teams’ careful design musings. Sam continues to provide the construction team with drawings that work project after project. His contribution to Stallion does not go unnoticed by our team.

Glen DeBlecourt

Site Supervisor – Construction

Glen completed his carpentry apprenticeship in 2006 joining Stallion in 2009. He continued subcontract carpentry work for the company with his own team up until 2015. Glen then came aboard as a company man to head up site management. Equipped with his critical eye for high quality and his instinct for building methods, nobody gets dodgy workmanship past Glen. His mantra is “Do it right or do it again”. Glen personally ensures every site is kept immaculate from construction to completion. Under his leadership, the construction crews have become a formidable force as build times continue to shorten much to the delight of our clients.

Athol Davies

Works Manager – Construction

Athol was raised on the family farm in Kalannie W.A. In 2003, Athol joined Steve & Jerry at Stallion and worked hard in construction. After a brief interlude with a global engineering firm, he re-joined Stallion in 2014 taking control of the works division. Today Athol is the drive behind Stallion’s earthmoving and consistently delivers earthworks solutions and savings to our clients. This ethic has ensured Stallion Homes has become synonymous with delivering set price earthworks every time.

Phil Haslehurst

Team Leader – Construction

Phil joined Stallion in 2016 assisting the works crew with site preparation and presentation at the completion of projects. He is an excellent addition to our diligent construction team. Phil is a certified construction site supervisor with over 30 years’ experience in the field. His knowledge is invaluable in keeping ahead of the construction teams and ensuring projects are delivered on schedule.

Billy Hughes

Site Works Assistant – Construction

Billy has been with Stallion since 2015 assisting Athol with all areas of site preparation and presentation. Billy’s background in horticulture makes him invaluable when landscaping completed homes for that manicured touch. As Stallion’s team clown, Billy keeps everyone amused and makes certain we never have dull moments!

Lindsay Painter

Site Assistant & Machinery Manager – Construction

Lindsay joined Stallion in 2020 and has fast become a very useful addition to the site team, helping Athol with site preparation, earthworks and general construction tasks, and also humbly taking the lead in ensuring the company’s machinery is kept in tip-top condition. Lindsay’s polite manner is always appreciated and he is definitely an asset to our team.

Josh Lardner

Carpentry – Construction

Josh completed his carpentry apprenticeship through TAFE with Stallion in 2011. Josh and his team, head up our framing and roof erection ensuring everything is to plan and to plumb. His pace keeps the brickies on their toes with new builds coming together one after the other. For Josh, his sales pitch is – the steeper the better!

Leon Syson

Carpentry – Construction

Leon commenced his carpentry apprenticeship with Stallion in 2006. By 2010 Leon was qualified and leading the carpentry crew. His decision to continue with us as our framing and cladding specialist augers well with our push for perfection. Leon specialises in installing exterior architectural mouldings and solid timber exposed beams and traditional stumped floors. He leaves nothing to chance when applying the trimmings to our fine customised homes, impressing clients with his perfection.

Scott Edmonds

2nd Fix Carpentry – Construction

Scott completed his TAFE carpentry apprenticeship with Stallion in 2011. As a loyal apprentice we just knew he would be part of our team for the long haul. As a 2nd fix specialist Scott leads in the fine art of installing custom door sets, profiled mouldings, architectural skirtings & architraves and solid timber feature ceilings and floors. Scott’s pride in workmanship is demonstrated by his painstakingly thorough fit and finish.


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