How to lower your site costs

When you are considering purchasing a home site do you have the knowledge to estimate the site costs involved? Perhaps your heart is focused on the excitement of building your new dream home and not the “hidden extras”?

It can be a bit like when you take your car to a mechanic i.e. lots of frowning and brow furrowing. What you thought was a simple service or minor repair turns into an unexpected cost nightmare that insurance doesn’t cover.

We are all focused on the price of anything we buy. We want the best product or service at the best price. But are you comparing “apples with apples”? The home you see in the press advertisement with statements like “all inclusive” or “free” this or “free that” may not be legally misleading but they rarely mention site costs so isn’t that saying something to you?

It will save you money to think closely about site costs because it can be many thousands of dollars. Perhaps check with the Shire and ask whether there really is clay under the present wild weeds. Is there really bedrock or coffee rock there? However honest and reputable the real estate salesperson maybe, they are paid to sell you the block, not build your dream home.

At Stallion Homes we do not add a margin or markup to site costs. We view your site together with you so you understand what is involved and you only pay what the site preparation contractor charges – no more – no less. We have heard countless stories about outrageous site costs people have been charged when it is too late.

It costs nothing to talk with us about accurate site costs when you retain us to build your new home. In fact it’s the first item on our agenda. If you are considering the “all inclusive’ or “free additions” offer, we suggest you ask about the site costs and don’t accept the “between this and that” response because it will always be the “that” amount once you’ve signed up. Why not speak with us last? We are confident that our site cost estimate will honestly save you money.