Custom Home Builders: Help or Hassle

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Building your own custom home may seem a meticulous and tiring job but it is a once in a lifetime experience that will bring you a lifelong reward. Just thinking of building a personalised house gives us goosebumps!

But why build a new custom home instead of settling for an old one? Well, an old home often comes with maintenance and repair work that may need to be done even before you move in.

To add to your woes your home won’t have any warranty, nor will you be able to customise it to suit your lifestyle. And you will never know the quality of the raw materials used to build it or the workmanship of the builder.

So why choose Stallion Homes to build your ultimate dream home, other than the fact that they have been building custom design homes for over four decades?

1) The WOW Factor

Your average builder may do a good job in creating a home that they have built time and time again. Their ‘signature’ home that everyone knows them for. At Stallion Homes, we create unique, custom homes. Built to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget. We listen to your ideas and help bring that to life. No compromises.

2) The Timeline Factor

Multitasking may help you get a lot of jobs done at once, but it seldom speeds up an individual task on its own. While most project builders are doing hundreds of homes each year, boutique builder Stallion Homes only build a few homes each year. So we can throw all our effort, attention, time and resources at your dream project. And let’s face it, you probably don’t care about the other homes we build. You just care about yours! By not spreading ourselves too thinly, Stallion Homes is nearly three times faster than many project builders in our area.

3) The Subcontractor Factor

Having worked in this field for such a long time we only employee the finest tradesmen who are not just experienced but equally passionate about building a beautiful home for you. An often overlooked fact is that the finish of your home is only as good as the tradesman who do it, regardless of how inspiring the design is. Stallion Homes’ tradesmen have been working as a team for so long that going over on time or budget is never an issue.

4) The Communication Factor

Can you imagine signing up for your dream home and hearing nothing from the builder about the progress? Or, worse again, no one pays any attention to your questions or concerns?

We understand that you already have enough on your plate. That’s why we prefer to keep our communication on point with regular updates. After all, it’s your dream home, and you should have the final say!

Still not sure?

5) The Still Not Sure Factor

To free yourself of any remaining doubt, we proudly welcome you to inspect our work. Feel free to get in contact with us to arrange a viewing of one of our existing clients’ homes. You can also check out our team and get a sneak peak of the people that will be working closely with you throughout your project.

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