6 Basic Questions to Ask When Interviewing Prospective Home Builders

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Are you considering building a custom-built country home? The most critical decision you’ll need to make is hiring the right builder. By making the right choice, you and your family can enjoy living in the home of your dreams for a lifetime. On the other hand, selecting the wrong builder can be an ongoing nightmare.

Here are six basic questions to ask when interviewing home builders, along with some considerations and warnings.

1. How Many Years Have You’ve Been Building Homes in My Area?

It’s important that a builder has several years of experience of building homes in your particular location. For example, your builder should be well acquainted with the unique situation of your area and know about water and electrical power availability, property boundaries, the likelihood of storm and flood issues, water and sewer locations, building codes and local government regulations.

2. Who Will Be Overseeing the Project?

Will the builder be the person who manages the construction site, or will it be run by subcontractor? If a subcontractor oversees the project, be sure that your builder personally checks the job site several times per week. You need to know if the building company plays a significant part in the construction of your home. In other words, someone inhouse should control and manage the project.

3. Are You Licensed and Insured?

One of the most important questions to ask prospective builders is if they have a builders’ license, and if they’re insured. If a builder seems to hesitate when asked these questions, consider this a “red flag”. Always ask for solid proof of a builder’s license and insurance papers, especially if you are not using a lender to finance the project. If you do use a lender, a builder is required to show written proof of their licensing and insurance.

4. Who Is Responsible for Getting the Needed Planning and Building Permits?

All new home constructions are required to have a building permit before the project can begin. In addition to being time-consuming, securing permits and planning approvals can be challenging. Hence, it’s much simpler to have your builder to handle these jobs. Furthermore, your builder can ensure that the process is done as quickly as possible.

5. Can I Build My Custom Home from Scratch?

Most people who want to build a new home wonder if they’ll be able to design it from scratch. Here at Stallion Homes, when you come in for your initial consultation, you’ll get the chance to describe your vision for your new home. Yes, you can customise your home from scratch and work with one of our in-house designers. Nevertheless, you may want to build your dream home by modifying one of our existing designs. Pictures of what you want your new home to look like can be helpful. In addition to discussing your needs and wants, your initial consultation is also the time to talk about your budget.

6. How Long Is Your Warranty?

Most reputable home builders offer at least a one-year warranty with some of them even having a six year warranty for structural damage. Ask how a builder handles borderline or questionable warranty items. In other words, ask about a possible problem that could emerge two months after the warranty has expired. Are you on your own then, or will the builder help you out? Besides addressing this question to a potential home builder, ask former clients who’ve worked with the builder.

Other Considerations and Warnings

  • Don’t choose a builder who doesn’t provide you with a complete estimate or one that’s not in writing.
  • Be wary of using any builder who gives you an estimate that is unrealistic or seems too good to be true.
  • Don’t fall for a high-pressure sales pitch.
  • Be suspicious of builders who say they’ll give you a special low rate in exchange for your new home being used for marketing purposes.
  • Always ask for references.

As one of Western Australia’s top home builders, Stallion Homes has a proven reputation for delivering high-quality service in Perth, the Hills and rural Western Australia. We can show you how to build your dream custom-built rural home that’s both affordable and tailored for your particular lifestyle. Please contact us.