It costs no more to have your home custom designed and built by our country builders and the end result will be built on time, on budget and stress free.

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As one of the leading country home builders in WA, we have chosen to showcase three very special country homes  on our site. At Stallion Homes, we invite you to come with us on a journey where we will show you how building your custom designed home in the country can be affordable and personally tailored to suit your lifestyle. At Stallion Homes, we’re the rural building company who can turn your dream into a reality.

Finding pictures of your ideal home or inspiration of what you’d want in a new home is the same as dreaming about it. And, with every dream there is a corresponding journey. When you want to turn that dream into a reality, our experienced team of country home builders in Perth, WA will be here.

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Exclusive Limited Edition Offer

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If you're considering purchasing land at Mauravillo Estate, you're considering a country lifestyle or investment...

*Story and footage courtesy of CH7 Perth and HOME in WA!

*Story and footage courtesy of CH7 Perth and HOME in WA!

Custom Design

Using some of the most experienced rural builders, designers and trade services in WA means that your ideas and lifestyle needs will become a reality more easily than you think. As a dedicated rural building company in Perth, we will assist you in clarifying the features you want in your home by listening, sketching and discussing things, so together, we can clarify what suits you and show you just how affordable a custom designed and built country home can be.

The Journey

Everything from the welcoming front door to the style of living which you have thought about for so long can be an exciting journey and one we will help you enjoy every step of the way.

The three homes we feature here are the result of careful consideration of the client’s requirements, bringing together design and construction methods that have satisfied many rural based families over many years. Each of the homes are extremely different and showcase Stallion Homes’ versatility as a WA country builder. Our country builders prove that you really can have style and experience luxury, and you don’t need to live in the metropolitan area to do so.

Personal Service

As one of the leading country builders in WA, we strive to deliver reliable and trusted country style service. The mission of Stallion Homes is to design and build one-of-a-kind country homes that are both affordable and personally styled to suit our clients’ needs.

As a Stallion Homes client, you will recognise the level of quality that goes into every Stallion designed and built home as you journey through our site. And when you contact us you will be greeted with personal service of exceptional quality.