Western Australia’s Grand Home Builder

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To own a quiet, comfortable, custom home has become a more common ‘Australian Dream’ in recent years. Your home should be a sanctuary, somewhere to spend time with loved ones and turn your lifestyle dreams into a reality.

When it comes to rural home designs, Stallion Homes strive to find the perfect balance between your imagination and the environment to build you a home that is customised, but also sustainable and eco friendly.


With a variety of intricate home designs to simply get your creative juices flowing, Stallion Homes specialise in custom home designs curated from the clients’ vision. After 42 year in the industry, you may be surprised to hear that Stallion Homes have never built the same house twice.

Their range of designs are elaborate allowing you to choose your favourite aspects and combine them into your dream home. Stallion Homes are known for being rural builders providing country style living complete with spacious, high ceilings, bay windows  and wrap around verandas.


Another vital part of building your ‘Grand Design’ type home is the interior design. Your home should be a reflection of who you are and be filed with a collection of the things you love.

Choosing the finer details can be overwhelming. This is where Stallion Homes breaks it down for you. From solar powered lighting to the perfect combination of modern built-in furniture, Stallion Homes believe in quality and the interior of their houses certainly reflect that.


Renowned to be the quickest and most efficient rural home builder in Western Australia, Stallion Homes have been the leaders is custom home design since 1976. With acclaimed and experienced architects and tradesmen, they believe in undergoing every detail with 100% transparency, preventing any ‘surprises’ popping up during the project.

It has been said that a person is truly successful when they live the life they truly want and deserve. So next time you find yourself dreaming about a country lifestyle, you know who can help you bring it to life!