A Guide to Contemporary Living in 2018

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Contemporary living in 2018 doesn’t mean living in archaic or stereotypical ways, rather it emphasizes personalized living, a trend that has skyrocketed this year! With its rise in popularity, homeowners all across the country have opened up to decorating to reflect their personalities, preferences, and lifestyle by incorporating both practical and smart furniture.

A Guide to Contemporary Living in 2018

When it comes to designing your family home, it boils down to prioritizing your lovely abode to reflect your lifestyle needs. Whether you need more family and living to space for spending quality time and forming lifelong memories, an office space, or the ultimate “man cave” garage, 2018 is your year to personalize your house. For example, you can see the living room here is set in a formal style. With a color blocked rug, complemented by the fireplace and firewood wall decor. Isn’t that quirky?

Modular kitchens have also played a huge role in many of the remarkable developments in the architectural field that only further encourage making a statement about who you are as a unique individual through interior design.


A Guide to Contemporary Living in 2018 – Finding the Right Furniture

Whether you are seeking a simple couch or a sophisticated multi-level table, you can effectively brighten your living room and bring it into the 21st century with multiple purpose furniture. Some of the following are examples of the newest and trendiest multi-purpose furniture to have found their way into the hearts of homeowners and decorators alike throughout the year.

Built-in Home Offices – This has been especially popular, as research has estimated that roughly 3.5 million Australians regularly work from home.

Transforming Children’s Furniture – Children’s furniture that doubles as storage space for all their toys and blankets has quickly become an essential piece.

Smooth Living Rooms – Many have created the illusion of tall, open living rooms by incorporating smooth furniture and single-colored walls. Generally, smooth surfaces have been blended with corduroy or plaid but the varying textures at play may clash.

Proper Lighting Arrangements – Lighting makes or breaks the mood and aesthetic of the room. Natural light can play a major role in softening as well as smoothening the interior, while artificial light can provide warmth – especially during those seemingly endless winters. Colorless lights are a wonderful choice, as they are not harsh and will match any room.

Soft Velvet and Rough Leather – The intriguing combination of dark, soft, rustled velvet over a rough leather couch may conjure up a sense of drama within your living room.

Say Goodbye to Edgy Corners – Delicate ovals have outshone their impulsive, triangular counterparts this year. Electing to pull together your living room with a round coffee table, rug, tapestry, or releasing tension in the kitchen by rounding the edges of your countertops will keep your home up to date and trendy!

Watercolors are IN! – From elegant watercolor paintings to wallpapers, this look as flooded the scene with an unbeatable transparency and feathery feeling. From wall panels to modular pictures, there are many ways to incorporate watercolors into your living space.

Classy Lamps – Lamps often come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Every lamp is unique from one another in terms of their light projection. For instance, you may have seen traditional palatial houses adorned with a variety of timely lamps. Modern lighting solutions have evolved, exceeding your wildest expectations with their lighting output capability.

Contemporary living is on the rise and here to stay. Design trends this year emphasize personalization and self-expression through very frothy, intricate, and ambient furniture. Keep up with the hottest interior decorating trends over on our blog. For more information about Stallion Homes, please contact us.