Finding the Perfect Property for Building Your Custom Home

By October 15, 2018 Blog No Comments

Country homes aren’t built in a day. It is certainly not a process that you want to rush and there are many things you need to consider before construction can begin.

The first stage is choosing a nice piece of property for your custom home.

Issues to consider prior to purchasing the property include:

  •      How safe is the neighbourhood?
  •      If you have kids, what are the schools like?
  •      Is it a Bushfire Attack prone area? Check the map here
  •      Will the property be close enough to local amenities to suit you?
  •      Is the property large enough to accommodate your dream home?
  •      How much work will it take to prep the property for the construction of your custom    home? Is the block on a slope, what is the soil type and will there be rock?
  •      Are there any zoning laws in effect that could prohibit you building the custom home you’ve always dreamed of living in?

Before you start shopping for the property where you’ll eventually build your future custom home, you should sit down and create a basic blueprint of the house you eventually want to construct. This will give you a clear idea of how large the house will be, decreasing the odds of you purchasing a piece of land that’s too small to handle the home.

The process of choosing the perfect property for your future custom house can feel overwhelming. Stallion Homes can help. When you come to us, we’ll help provide you with some of the basic insights and requirements your property needs.

One of the most important things Stallion Homes does is help you understand West Australia’s complex zoning laws. We carefully review a neighbourhood’s zoning laws before you purchase a piece of property and ensure that there aren’t any ‘little-known laws’ that could slow or even halt the construction of your future home.

With Stallion Homes on your side, you’ll have a clear understanding about the amount of earthworks a property requires before construction on your home can begin, how much free space will remain following the construction of your new home, the types of views you’ll enjoy once the home is built, the historical background and projected future of the neighbourhood, and many other things that will help you determine if a piece of property is the ideal setting for your new custom house.

Stallion Homes has been matching people with their dream custom built home for 42 years. We love matching people up with the perfect property and then building the home they have always dreamed of. Call us today for an obligation free chat on (08) 9621 2020.