Convenience in Mind: 2019 New Home Features

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Building a new home comes with so many personal choices, which can be a little overwhelming at times. However, no matter what kind of style you have in mind, there are many simple additions and considerations that can make your life simpler and more comfortable in your future completed home. The secret is to keep it simple! Focus on the parts of your home that will not only be comfortable and functional but also beautiful.

Before you get to the building process, keep these 2019 new home features in mind to create a layout that’s sure to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Ample Storage

Clutter and chaos have no business being in your brand-new home. While most of us these days have too much “stuff”, it’s important to have a designated place to store it all. You don’t want to move into your dream home feeling anxious or constantly battling clutter.

Create a garage that will store all of your necessary tools, bikes, sports equipment, garden tools, etc. For kitchens, create a pantry or butler’s kitchen big enough to store extra appliances, food, and other necessities. (Open shelving storage in kitchens is also a huge hit in 2019!) In the bedroom, opt for walk-in closets with plenty of space for all of your clothes and other personal items. Storage may not seem like a big deal when designing your custom home, but it could be all the difference of maintaining your sanity, especially those with large families.

Multiple Bathrooms

Having more than one bathroom in the home is becoming a huge plus for most families. Morning routines while getting ready for work or school can cause arguments between kids and parents if there’s only one bathroom in the home. Having a bathroom connected to the master bedroom can ensure everyone is happy and out the door on time. For those couples without kids, having an extra bathroom is also great for guests who are visiting.

Open Living Space

Open living plans are at the top of homeowner buyer’s lists in 2019. A large, open space connecting the living room to the kitchen will make quality family time effortless and hosting parties a breeze. Having a furnished outdoor area or deck will also be great to use as an extension of your kitchen/living area space. If you have kids, consider a separate lounge room in the home to give them a place to play games, hang out with friends, or watch TV. Trust us, it could save your sanity one day!

Functional Kitchens

Kitchens are known for being a social spot in the home, some even call it the “heart of the home”. It’s a place where you’ll cook, clean, talk, and hang out multiple times during the day, which is why having a functional kitchen can greatly benefit your everyday life.

First, make sure to invest in quality appliances that will last. Second, a kitchen island is a great addition that provides food prepping space and doubles as a quick breakfast spot. Adding kitchen upgrades such as high-quality benches/stools, pendant lighting or quartz countertops will also make your kitchen look incredible, plus you’ll enjoy looking at them every day! For more on designing the perfect kitchen, download our free eBook!

Low-Maintenance Materials

Let’s keep it real, no one wants to be doing extra chores on their days off. While you will inevitably have to do some, there are a few smart additions you can make during your building phase that will cut time out of your weekend chores.

Low-maintenance materials can be chosen for both inside and outside of your home. Instead of hardwood floors which are prone to scratches by pets or kids, you can choose a more durable option such as vinyl planks. Upgrading to LED lights guarantees you won’t have to spend your time changing light bulbs. While outdoors, Weathertex panels look great and are a very long-lasting product, meaning less work for you.


Having wireless capability throughout the entire house gives adults and kids the choice to work from anywhere in the home. Also, make sure to put in lots of outlets so that your family can stay plugged in whether they’re at the kitchen island, patio, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. You can put in USB specific outlets too.

Natural Light

Daylight is a human desire and necessity and having a lot of windows lets light flow freely indoors. Having ample natural light brings joy and calmness. By keeping the width of your home narrow it’s much easier to bring daylight deeper into the home. For more enclosed areas consider a solar tube or skylight to bring in light from above. If you’re lucky enough to have a great view, make sure to show it off with plenty of large windows.

Universal Designs

Buyers today are usually purchasing a home that will last the rest of their lives. Being savvy in products and designs can make the home more comfortable for all ages. For example, grab bars that double as towel holders, comfort height toilets, and low-threshold showers. Aging in your home is easier with these helpful designs in mind.


The possibilities are endless! Choose functional, smart, and beautiful designs that will work for you and your family each and every day.


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